Tips For Flying / Traveling With Anxiety ✈️

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Tips For Flying / Traveling With Anxiety ✈️

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A few years ago I loved flying, it never made me anxious. I would enjoy everything about flying, looking outside the window and always being happy about a window seat.

Now, a few years later, no matter how much I fly, I am feeling anxious and stressed. In January I flew 6 times, quite short flights, but it was still nerve-wrecking. However, I have tried out a few things and come up with a few tips that at least make me less anxious. Hope that it will help you get more relaxed and excited than the trip, and reduce the anxiety of flying. is committed to providing information on mental health and personal development, but is not written by a health care professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

1 Favorite snacks and comfy clothes

Whether it is 1-hour or 8-hour flight, make sure to wear some comfortable clothes. Do you like leggings, hoodie and sneakers? Or maybe some slouchy jeans and t shirt? Also make sure to have some layers, as it does get quite cold on the plane. And the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable in your clothes.

And for the snacks, have something that you really like. Some of my favorite are salted peanuts and some chocolate bar.Also, a good nut mix once in a while. This way if I am feeling peckish or stressed, then I can have some snacks that I like.

2 Get busy while flying

The night before flying I like to download some TV show series on the phone or computer. With some good noise cancelling headphones you won’t even feel like you are flying. Some of my favorites these months are ‘working moms’, ‘good girls’, ‘friends’, ‘office’ and ‘belcher’s house’.

You can also read a book, I have tried it a few times. Sometimes I can read, but other times I can’t really focus on the reading part.

3 Ground yourself by looking around

Last time when I was flying, I was trying to confront my thoughts and ground myself. First I looked around what other people were doing. And honestly everyone was doing their thing – some reading, some eating, some sleeping. But overall everyone looked quite relaxed.

Then I looked at the flight attendants and thought to myself how they do it as a job. For them this flight is just another plane ride, and that helped me a lot. Maybe next time I can download some flight attendant videos on Youtube where they talk about their job.

Maybe you will even start a lovely chat with the person next to you and we will get into a conversation that shifts your thoughts.

4 Bring a journal

In case you don’t travel with a person you know, try writing some notes. It always helps to clear your mind from some clutter. Maybe if you feel like you can also doodle, write some lists or do a daily diary.

  • Draw everything that you brought with you in the suitcase; maybe think of some outfits what to wear and how?
  • Think of schedules for the upcoming trip, maybe something you can plan already?
  • Doodle things that are around you.
  • Write about your last week or next week.
  • Write abut your goals this month / goals of the year.

5 Think about the destination

Where are you going? What are you going to do? How do you want to spend time there?

Use the journal to focus on the things to do and see once you get to the destination. Then you might slowly get more excited and less anxious. Last time when I was flying, I made a list of what I want to eat and where I would like to go.

What are your tips for flying with anxiety? let me know in the comments 🙂

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