Self Love Quotes To Boost Confidence 🔥

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Self Love Quotes To Boost Confidence 🔥

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Hello my dear reader! Today I want to share some self love quotes to boost confidence. Sometimes we need a little pep talk from ourselves or from a loved one, and it does help. So I decided to share 20+ quotes that will definitely boos confidence on this gloomy Tuesday *or other working day you are reading this*

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I think we are all guilty of this. Making yourself a priority is sometimes very hard, but if we don’t take care of ourselves – who will? Self love is something we should work on to be able to boost confidence and be the best version of ourselves. When I have to prioritize, I always think: is it worth my time, energy or money? And the answer settles it.

I am pretty bad at the one above. I always have this feeling that I haven’t done enough and that I am slacking and have not achieved anything. But when I think about it, there are so many amazing things I have done. I always compare to people and bloggers on the internet. Always comparing my newly started side hustle to a company that has billions in revenue and 30 years of running it. But I should only be comparing it to my yesterday self and things that I had done to accomplish my own goals.

Let’s give credit to our yesterday self for doing great things and today build upon them.

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I love the quote above – there really is no failure. Everyone is afraid of failing because it is a shame in our society to have tried out and not worked out. It is honestly so strange, because anyone who had the balls to try out their dream already should get a gold medal and a pizza for free. Those who chase their dreams like it’s the last ice cream in the world – is dedication, hard work and a bit of craziness. From my experience – I tried two blogs and they didn’t work out. So I wrote down everything that I had learnt from them and built a new one.

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Every day is so different, it really is like a blank page. On the bad days we can swoop into self love corner and daydream of what you’d like to do on a positive day. Then, on a super energized day make it the most productive & awesome day so that your tomorrow self can say ‘thank you cool bean for the great work’.

Perfectionism kills. It really does, because waiting for that perfect moment for everything to work out – it might take decades. But we ain’t got that much time. My other side hustle that I started – it is really far from perfection and there are so many things I wish I could do differently. However, due to financial reasons I can’t make it the perfect way, but I do it anyway. I try to find solutions and build it slowly.

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