SELF CARE Tips When Feeling Down And Uninspired | Emergency Self Care Routine

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SELF CARE Tips When Feeling Down And Uninspired | Emergency Self Care Routine

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Having a rough day? I understand. With university and work, I have been in this situation too many times in the last month, and it is very hard to get boost your mood when you feel down. Today I want to share some tips that help me get myself up back on track.

Let’s be honest, none of us really can afford to take a free day when we are feeling down. We just have to get up, push ourselves together and get through the day. It is hard, but we have no choice. With these tips I am sure it will help get over the bad day and lift your mood.

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1 Take a refreshing shower and pamper yourself

Whether it is early morning or evening, nothing can be better than a hot shower. If you can, take a bath tub with bubbles. Take this time and try to relax, scrub the whole body and enjoy the fresh feeling after a shower. If you have time in the evening, put a deep conditioner in your hair, or put on a face mask. I have noticed that if I look good, I feel good. And here it is the same principle – if I look fresh, I feel fresh.

2 Glam up as if you’re going somewhere

When I come home, I always get into my oversized track pants and big hoodie. I feel so comfortable in them, like sleeping in a cloud. However I look like a trashcan. But most days it doesn’t bother me because I am at home. But some days it just makes me feel bad, especially on days when I am feeling down and uninspired. So to avoid it, I try to dress up in my favorite jeans and tshirt, as if I am about to go somewhere. That always gives me feeling of being put together.

3 Change the environment

Is the living room driving you crazy? Sometimes being at home will put you even in a worse mood. So when you are feeling bad, try to change the environment and get outside. Go for a walk, go to a cafe to do some work, maybe go to a museum to relax your mind. Changing your location should definitely help those creative juices start flowing.

4 Write down what is making you feel down

I can’t emphasize this enough how important this step is. Our mind can be the best hero and worst enemy at the same time. And let’s be honest, sometimes we do get a bit dramatic, but it is hard to see it when you are just thinking about it. So my tip is to write down in your planner, notes or journal what upsets you. What makes you mad, sad, angry, down. And maybe try to write down solutions how to tackle the problem. By doing this I am sure you will see a better perspective on the problem.

5 Declutter the space

When the house is a mess, your mind is a mess. A 5-minute mess is always acceptable, but if you have a chair full of clothes (yes, I’m talking about THE CHAIR of the house that we all have), pile of old magazines and overfilled laundry basket. If you are feeling angry, this will be great. Sounds wrong, but angry cleaning is a thing. I feel like when I clean and try to declutter, I am always too nice and I don’t throw out half only because “one day I will wear it”. Honestly, that is such a bullshit and we all know that. So when you are angry or just pissed off, it seems so much easier to just throw things out and know that you will never wear that t-shirt and never read those magazines.

6 Create a vision board

Whether online or in a notebook, find photos and items that you want. What goals do you want to achieve this year? What are your dreams? Let your mind wander and visually find things that you want. I usually use royalty free image websites, such as unsplash and pexels. I like to print it out, but you can also create a folder on computer and save all the images there.

7 Do something relaxing

It’s been a long, emotionally exhausting day, and this is the perfect time to do something relaxing. What makes you feel ZEN? I know, we all would like a 14-day vacation in Thailand in a tropical forest and next to the sea. But for now we can watch a movie, listen to uplifting music, dance it out, painting and staying away from social media.

I hope these tips helped. I know it is hard on days like this, but it is in your power to change the day into a better-ish one. What do you like to do for emergency self care? Let me know in the comments!

If you have got this far I want to thank you with this cute photo of this tiny little goat!

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