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Inspirational Quotes | Motivation For Success

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Hello lovelies! It has been a hot minute since I posted here hence I didn’t have much inspiration to do any of my hobbies. Things have changed, priorities have shifted. Overall things have been falling apart, and spring is coming, and I am not ready for any of this. So that is why today I decided to share some inspiration and motivation by creating 10 beautiful motivational quotes for the days you need a bit of encouragement.

A few weeks ago I realized that I hate to do lists, and that they have destroyed my productivity. I think I was on the edge of a burnout and that is why I didn’t feel like doing anything, either important or just a hobby. But with the last project this semester, I am pushing through and trying my best to have some kind of motivation to do things. How are you doing?

I love being inspired by quotes. Yes, some might be way too cheesy and vague, but some are very powerful. I have two quotes on my phone as phone wallpaper, and it reminds me of taking a day as I go, and be present. lately feels like I am with one leg in the past, and with one leg looking forward to the future, leaving a hole in the present. The days go by without me doing anything special for me, for anyone or just to focus on the day.


Download these, put them as your wallpaper, maybe print them out if you want to. These will go great in a journal or on your note board.

Have a great week darlings! I hope to be more active on instagram and youtube, and catch up on the blog once in a while : )

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3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes | Motivation For Success

  1. Hi! ☺️✨
    Just wanted to say that I loved the wallpapers. I actually needed to have these thoughts more often and now that I’m using on my phone, I’ll look at them everytime.

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