How To Create Vision Board Online + Inspiration ✨

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How To Create Vision Board Online + Inspiration ✨

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Hello! This is the first week of September, and even though the year is approaching its last quarter, there are still goals and achievements you can accomplish until New Year. Don’t wait for 1st of January if you can start today. If you are new to vision board, they are an amazing way to gather your goals and dreams into one place.

Steps to creating your dream vision board

This is my vision board. I have not yet added quotes, but this is my goals and dreams. More in the further future I have a house and a dog, as well as working for myself or having a good job. Then I have yoga retreat, traveling outside Europe.

1 Set the mood

Set aside anything that might be a distraction and focus fully on you. Put on some chill background music.

2 Ask yourself what do you want?

If money was not a factor, what would you do daily? What is something you have been wanting to do for a long time? It is also important to think a time period also for your dream goals, as well as how you could get there, thinking that there are no obstacles or challenges.

My burning desire is to put all my energy into my side hustles and work towards financial freedom with my own businesses. I also want to spend my money on experiences and traveling rather than spend on material things. Therefore I have slowly started to lean towards minimalism and quality over quantity.

3 Find visual representation

Choose images and quotes that relate to the feelings and goals you have talked above.

4 Make it a collage

Either you can use Pinterest board as a gallery, or make it on Canva and print out, there are many ways to make your collage alive. You can also look for images in magazines and create a pin board.

This is a screenshot of my vision board. I usually save some random photos as I scroll on Pinterest. It also has some sections like ‘a frame house’ or ‘ cabin interior’.

5 Look at it regularly

Now that you have your goals and dreams put into place, now it is time to look at them once in a while and start planning.

categories to consider for vision board:

  • organization
  • activist movements
  • self care / self love
  • habits
  • hobbies
  • emotional health
  • environment
  • friendships
  • romance
  • reading
  • relocation
  • minimalism
  • skills
  • mental health
  • career development
  • education
  • travel
  • bucket list
  • family life
  • finances
  • for the home
  • physical health

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Items you could use for vision board

  • mantras
  • famous quotes
  • specific words
  • people you admire
  • hand drawn pictures
  • printed pictures
  • cards
  • maps
  • postcards
  • dried flowers
  • calendars
  • lists
  • posters
  • washi tape
  • scrapbook paper
  • magazine clippings

If you enjoyed the post, pin these to Pinterest or save on phone & use when needed !

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