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How to be your best self? The answer is just one – self care. I can’t stress this enough how important it is to give yourself the rest your mind and body needs. And top of that, self love – pour that on yourself from every side.

This category is filled with self care tips, starting from morning to night routine and ways to relax on a budget. I also share some tips on what to do with yourself on bad mental health days when all you want to do is not get out of bed. I got you covered.

Self care is more than just a face mask once a week. It has to be an ongoing process every day, morning or evening, to be mindful of your day and of what you eat. Keeping the mind strong and un-cluttered, the body healthy and fit, and the tummy filled with good snacks and nutritious food.

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15 Things You Should Do Every Sunday To Have A Stress Free Week 🔥

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing week.Today I want to share some things that I love to do on Sunday to make sure the next week is as stress-free as possible. I must say, most weekends I spend at work, so then I just have 3-4 things I usually do in […]

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20 Ways To Get Unstuck In Life ☀️

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello my darlings! A new week has begun, but I am feeling quit down. There’s something about the winter always draining all the energy so much. And by the time March is around the corner – you feel like you have been just existing for the last months and have been stuck in one place. […]

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Self Care Ideas For Bad Mental Health Days 🕯️

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some days feels like a wreck. It feels like every thing you do feels impossible to complete. And on days like this we really need to take time off and focus on self care. Bad mental health days might come around especially when you already have a lot on your plate. Check out some of […]

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How To Take Care Of Mental Health / Self Care In Winter ❄️

Reading Time: 3 minutes With January comes winter blues. The alarm buzzes, and even though you have been sleeping good 8 hours, you feel tired. A quick glimpse outside the window – it is cloudy, and looks already dark. How are you supposed to start a positive day when it’s already so gloomy and you feel like doing nothing? […]

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