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This category consists of quote wallpapers. Motivational quotes and inspirational quotes for the rough days when you need a bit of an encouragement.

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10 Motivational Quotes For Life And Success | Free Phone Wallpaper 🌿

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello my sweet cherries! I hope that you have had an amazing summer start. Is the sunshine and good weather making you more motivational to be more productive and get out of the office?Let’s just ignore that June is almost gone, and focus on the adventures and fun plans that we have for the summer. […]


10 Motivational Quotes For The Rough Days ⚑

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday was a very shit day, to be honest. You know those days when nothing seems to go according to the plan? Yes, it’s one of those days. MORNING I had some crazy dreams and I didn’t get to sleep so well. I was exhausted, as I had been working all days from Friday to […]


10 Autumn Inspired Motivational Quotes Phone Wallpapers πŸ‚

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello lovelies! Autumn is in it’s full bloom, and so are the gloomy and rainy days. It is hard to keep oneself away from the darkness that comes with winter approaching. So today I want to share 10 beautiful wallpapers for your phone that will keep you inspired and motivated. Honestly I love all of […]

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