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This category is a digital diary about the struggles of anxiety and life in general. I journal about all things that happen, and mostly focus on the swings of anxiety. Reflection of the bad days and tracking the good days with no stress.

Journaling is like therapy, it is so refreshing to get everything out of your mind and let all the anxious thoughts drift away. Sometimes all you need is just to write things down. And I want to share the struggles with anxiety and ways how it can really mess with daily life.

A small part of this category is also about bullet journaling. I love making pretty bujo spreads, and find it quite relaxing to do some scrapbooking.

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Anxiety Journal

How Journaling Reduced Anxiety & 15 Journaling Prompts To Start With πŸ“”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever felt that you can’t get rid of some thoughts in your mind? Enormous to do lists or negative and anxious thoughts? You are not the only one. It feels like my mind can never have a slow pace, it always has many opened windows. However, today I want to talk about how […]

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