Beginner Bullet Journal Tips | Free & Cheap BUJO Stickers & Photos

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Beginner Bullet Journal Tips | Free & Cheap BUJO Stickers & Photos

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Hello everyone! A new month is approaching us and it is time to do the bullet journal magic. I started bullet journaling in October, and it was more of just doing more art and inspiration than actually planning my life. But then I got a new notebook and fell in love with bullet journaling.

Today I want to share some tips for newbies who have just arrived at the point of feeling overwhelmed with so many ideas, so many pens to buy and so much washi tape choices. I got you. I will share some tips that I have learnt along the way and where to get free / cheap items for your next monthly spread!

Tips I have learnt along the way

  • If you don’t want to draw, then take photos or do some doodles.
  • It is best to do all month of bullet journal weeks in case you don’t have time to do in the month. Week by week does not work for me.
  • Choose a color palette each month and focus on that. It will keep the palette nice and subtle and create a pop of color to the month.
  • Add photos that inspire you, of things that you love, that you want and that put smile on your face.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If something doesnt look right and you dont like it, that is where washi tape comes and fixes it. Or take a piece of paper and put it on top of the mistake, and start writing / drawing from the beginning.
  • Invest in a notebook that does not bleed through. Very thick paper that will hold the markers. Honestly if the paper is thin it will ruin the other pages. & I must say it is the biggest bummer.

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Where to get cheap bullet journal resources

Unsplash (link) + Pexels (link)

These are amazing royalty free images. I used to take random photos from Pinterest, but not giving credit to those photos feels bad. So instead I found these amazing websites where you an download for free, great quality images You can always find tons of images in random categories, and the quality of the images is amazing.

Biodiversity Heritage Library (link)

This place is amazing, and they have sooo many photos to choose from. I must say in advance that it takes quite a lot of time to find the perfect plants that you want, but I know that they are worth it. They also have butterflies, flowers, some random animals, and most importantly – beautiful leaves.

Free stickers

This website is amazing for all of their images that look like stickers. In the photo above I have circled where you have to press to get the sticker like drawings and illustrations. If I’m correct, you can download up to 5 sets each day, otherwise you have to sign up. However the sign up is for free! For this step you need Adobe Illustrator or any designer program, as it allows you to open the files, edit them, delete maybe what you don’t want and choose for your liking. BUT you can also just print the jpg images that come with the pack and still enjoy the beautiful illustrations.

Some of my favorite ones:
– people with plants and technologies (click here)
– cool peeps being busy and such (click here)
– people chilling (click here)
– flowers (click here)
– five realistic plants (click here)

Where to get cheap bullet journal resources

Recycle old magazines you have at home

I am sure we all have those random piles of magazines that we bought once, read them, but neither do we need them or want to throw out. Now is the time to cut them up, find all the photos, backgrounds, quotes that you like from the magazines and recycle them. This is how I started my bullet journal story. One night I realized I wanted to do this, so I took some magazines and cut them up. I ended up with great images that I am still using now, as well as more place in my bookshelf.

Thrift stores

If you have some coin, go to the nearest thrift store and check out books and magazines. I am sure that you will find a cool picture book, maybe a guide of Italy, France or some magazines that can be used as well. And while you are there, check for some postcards or old books that you can use for background.

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