5 Ways To Stay Productive When You Work Or Study From Home πŸ’»

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5 Ways To Stay Productive When You Work Or Study From Home πŸ’»

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Hi! Are you also working or studying at home or studying and need a few tips on how to stay productive? I have a few tricks that I have learnt over the last weeks while I have been doing my internship from home. Some days are super hard and I barely do a few things off my list, and other days I feel like I have achieved all the possible tasks and even more. But recently I have managed to create a pretty good routine that helps me stay on top of things.

5 Tips That Help Me Be Productive When Woking From Home

1 Get Dressed πŸ‘–

To anyone who is working a lot from home and needs a bit of a kick in the morning, definitely try out this! Honestly, when you put on some good work clothes and get out of pajamas, it already feels like you are up to something good and ready to be productive. I always go with some jeans and a casual t shirt. And if I even feel like it, I put on some makeup as if I was about to go to work and need to be seen presentable.

2 Take Regular Breaks β˜•

I know that it is hard to get into the task, but when you do – you don’t want to stop in case your productivity runs away. However, it is so important to take breaks and rest your eyes if you are sitting at the computer. I usually start working at 9am, and then at around 11am I do 5-10 minute stretching with some yoga poses. There are so many good videos on Youtube that can help with ideas for stretching moves. This is super important for the body to get rid of stiffness and also mind to take a mental break.

> 10 minute walk around neighborhood to get some fresh air
> 5 minute stretch on the carpet to get rid of the stiffness
> make another cup of tea or coffee
> do some eye exercises to prevent watery and tired eyes

3 Time Blocking And Being Efficient πŸ•

Have you ever tried time blocking? When planning the schedule for the day, you put the to do list tasks into time frame. This way you have approximated how much time it will take you to finish the task. I like doing this, but sometimes I go absolutely wrong about the time I would finish the task. It is very hard to measure how much it will take, so be mindful in case things don’t go according to the plan. There are a few things to remember if you want to feel fulfilled about the day: don’t have a never-ending to do list. Think of what you can actually accomplish in the 5/7/8 hours you have today, and figure if you can do 3 or 4 tasks. Otherwise you will never feel like you had done something today if there are still 5 tasks to do and you are already tired and it’s the evening.

Todoist ( the holy platform to make to do lists based on projects )
Forest ( a timer that allows to focus on work and doesn’t let you check social media)

If you are not feeling motivated and productive, just get out of the house. Either to the park for a walk, maybe buy some snacks in a near supermarket. If you can, try to work that day from library or a cafe. Change of environment can really help.


4 Try To Check Social Media Only On Breaks

I know that it is all of our habit to keep checking social media and keep up with friends and family. But it can really steal time when you could be productive instead. I have become pretty good at not checking my phone and occasionally on my break have a peek. This is why I like using the app Forest, because when it is running a timer, you can’t access social media. So I would suggest that when you take a break during the day, then check what is new on Facebook and Instagram and then leave it aside for a few hours.

5 Reach Out For Motivation When Struggling

Not always we can push deadlines and get a free day when we don’t have any motivation. For the days when nothing goes right and you are so close to quitting, this is where motivation comes in. It really depends what suits you, but there are 3 ways to boost up productive juices.

First, listen to YouTube videos that are motivational. it is usually quotes and interviews with successful people. Then, you can listen to a podcast that inspires you, whether a study or business related. Lastly, you can look at some inspirational quotes that will make you remember of the goal you are working towards. And that should create a spark in your eyes and make you productive.

Here are some motivational quotes I have made, download them and use whenever needed.
17 Motivational Quotes For Success In Life & Business ✨
10 Motivational Quotes For Life And Success | Free Phone Wallpaper 🌿
Inspirational Quotes About Strength + Goal Setting | FREE Phone Wallpaper 🌻

What are your tips for working or studying from home and staying productive? Let me know in the comments ! πŸ™‚ In case you want to save this post for later, you can save some of the pins to Pinterest.

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