27 Self Care Ideas For Self Care Sunday 🚿

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27 Self Care Ideas For Self Care Sunday 🚿

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Hello my beautiful people! Today I want to share some self care tips for the days when you want to relax and unwind from the world and stress. These past weeks have been very hectic, so I think I have only managed to do some stretching and yoga, as well as face mask once a week. But other than that my schedule has pushed self care away. However, today I want to inspire to change up your self care routine, as well as it will remind myself to take better care of my mind, body and soul more often.

1 Read an enriching book

When social media seems too much for me, I reach out to a book. Sometimes it feels amazing to have undivided attention and no need to scroll anything, Just you, the book and your mind. It is up to you if you want a romance novel, personal growth book or science fiction. The perfect book is the one that will suck you in with the story for hours.

2 Have a mini declutter session

I think I have reduced my amount of clothes significantly because my mind has shifted. From materialistic things to ‘less is more’, ‘quality over quantity’, and having more pleasure from spending money on experiences rather than material things. And Sunday is the perfect day to say goodbye to old magazines and t shirts that you will never wear. I know it’s hard, but there is nothing better than a drawer that can easily be closed.

3 Write down 5 things you are grateful for

I am such a day dreamer, but I also seem to live mostly in the future. To ground myself and be in the moment, I like to write about what I have, how grateful I am of what is around me, and be content with the moment I am in.

4 Get up early, make yourself breakfast and enjoy your morning

There is nothing worse than a rushed morning. I believe that there is so much power in the morning of how the day will turn out. Being prepared, well rested and mindful is the first step. You can use the morning calmness and clear mind to put an intention for the day and the goal of what you want to accomplish.

5 Meditate in the morning or have a yoga session

I have learnt that in order to wake up and get rid of the stiffness, I have a small yoga session in the morning. It really wakes up the body and slowly melts away the stiff feeling. Meditation wrks great if you are feeling a little bit anxious that morning or have a cluttered mind. Take care of your mind.

6 Create a vision board

I love vision boards. I believe that when it is on the board or in the journal, you get a step closer. It is important to have a bigger goal in the future and put work into it slowly. I always like to fill mine with healthy food, traveling photos, dog and a house.

7 Have a lunch date with a friend

Take out your friend for a coffee and cake, and talk about each other’s past week and future intentions for the next week.

8 Do something creative

Whether you like drawing, writing or painting, it should be something relaxing. For example, a few days ago I bought hobby clay and created a mug and a trinket dish. They are still drying but I can’t wait to paint them and use them. It was so relaxing to play with the dough and create something. Yesterday I was drawing with crayons and just drawing food, moon, the sun and random people faces.

9 Take a nap

You gotta do what you gotta do.

10 Watch your favorite movie

There is nothing better than popcorn, cheese plate and one of your favorite movies. Always brings back the memories of watching it the first time and in the teenage years.

11 Cook your favorite meal, no matter how unhealthy it is

I love burritos with fries and bbq sauce in them. Not the healthiest, but it is the comfort food that I can always rely on. It is filling and very delicious.

12 Get out into nature

Sitting at home is one thing when it is raining, but on a sunny day I would recommend getting some sunshine. Sit in the park, have a coffee and enjoy the surroundings.

13 Give yourself a manicure

Paper yourself by taking care of your nails. I always go for red, black or light brown. What colors you like?

14 Find positive affirmations that you can use every day

Sometimes we just need a bit of a reminder, and positive affirmations are the perfect way to do so. Check out these affirmations for anxiety, which are free phone wallpapers that you can use over and over again.

15 Take yourself on a date with nice food, coffee or cake

This has become quite a trendy thing to do, but I love the idea. I always enjoy time with myself and don’t have a problem doing things alone. Whether it is having a cake, coffee or a mini shopping session, try to spend quality time with yourself.

16 Do a brain dump

If your mind feels like it has hundred tabs open like in the browser, do a brain dump. This will help you take care of the mess in your head. Sometimes it even puts a new perspective on the idea or problem. This always helps me when I am feeling overwhelmed and feel like I need to run away from the thoughts.

17 Do something for the first time, like trying out a new restaurant

I like being comfortable, but sometimes it just feels so redundant. So see if you can do something new that is exciting. It doesn’t have to be something very crazy. New restaurant, new music genre, new book category.

19 Listen to your favorite podcast

While cooking, doing manicure or declutter, listen to some of your favorite podcasts. Maybe you didn’t have much time during the week day, so this is the time to catch up on them.

20 Find quote wallpapers to inspire you

Here on anxiety queen club we love motivational and inspirational quotes that will lift you up in the times needed.

Some blogposts of quotes you can check out:
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21 Try a new healthy recipe

If you feel like you have been eating not so healthy, take your time today and make a new recipe that you find interesting. The last healthy recipe I tried was bruschetta sandwiches with mozzarella cheese and tomato/basil topping. It was amazing and much healthier than my usual white bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

22 Write down things you have done in the last month, 3 months or half a year to remind of the growth you have had

I personally feel like I only compare myself to others, but never think how much I have done myself. Putting your last month, 3 moths or even a year can really put your achievements in perspective.

23 Take a warm bath or a hot shower, give yourself a good rub of lotion *autumn is coming people*

Take your time to enjoy a hot bath or a shower. I usually take the fastest shower and run out of there. But on the self care evenings I also put on a body lotion and thicker face moisturizer. It really feels like it prepares me for the next week.

24 Indulge in your favorite treat

What is your all time favorite treat? Chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate cake? Lemon meringue pie or maybe tiramisu? On weekend calories don’t really count. What counts is your happiness.

25 Deep breathing exercises to ground yourself

We are all more or less tensed. Sometimes I feel like I even forget to breather or do it very shallow. Deep breathing helps with the rushing mind and slowing down.

26 Write do a friend and have a heart-to-heart on skype with a glass of wine

If both of you have had a hectic week, take the weekend to catch up with them and have a chat about the week you’ve had.

27 Watch the sunrise or sunset

Earth is a magical place, and sunset and sunrise are the magical things we sometimes take granted for. If you live near a beach, take the time and moment to enjoy fully a nice sunrise or sunset. Is there anything better than golden hour?

If you want to have a reminder on your phone, you can save it in your Pinterest or download on phone : )

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