17 Motivational Quotes For Success In Life & Business ✨

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17 Motivational Quotes For Success In Life & Business ✨

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Hello my sweet pickles! How is this week going? I hope you are having an amazing week. And if not, then don’t worry, as I have prepared 17 motivational quotes that will lift any mood. At times when everything is falling into pieces, things are not working out and you are questioning absolutely anything, it is the perfect timing to ground yourself and look at the bigger picture.

Whether things are not working out in life, work or business, remember that this will pass. For example, I am working on my own internship and a day ago I had an absolute breakdown because of the fact that the business direction is not going in the same direction as the mission of the company. So I was absolutely puzzled to do anything but freak out and do angry cleaning in the house. Mid day I realized that I need to actually face the problem and not run away. So I read a few motivational quotes and decided to fix the problem and do a big fat brainstorming session.

So I understand when it is hard, because it really feels like there is no ending to this heavy situation. And I hope that after reading the quotes you will save the favorite ones and look at them in the hard times.

Motivational Quotes For Life, Work And Business

I really feel like the one above talks about the hardest part – our mind. Can you imagine how many dreams have been cut off by one’s mind? Probably some are even genius things that could have worked out. And it is hard to face failure and feel like you have lost. For example, in business some say that 3 years is the time a business should either become profitable or be closed.

This quote sums up why I have two side hustles. One is this blog, and the other one is a startup. On top of that I study full time and have a part time job, so it’s a lot. I’d also like to do YouTube videos and workout twice a week. So I am very ambitious, but hardly any week I am organized in a way that I can squeeze all of it. However, I think what keeps me going in this crazy schedule is that I love what I do. I love creating things for this blog, and also writing. For the business I love the process and what keeps me motivated is the dreams to where I am heading.

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Why are people so hard on themselves? Why do we give 0 credit to ourselves? I struggle with this myself. I always feel like I’ve done nothing, accomplished nothing and so on. Sometimes I really need to write down what I have accomplished to actually understand that it has been a productive and fruitful day.

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