15 Things You Should Do Every Sunday To Have A Stress Free Week

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15 Things You Should Do Every Sunday To Have A Stress Free Week

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Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing week.
Today I want to share some things that I love to do on Sunday to make sure the next week is as stress-free as possible. I must say, most weekends I spend at work, so then I just have 3-4 things I usually do in the evening to be at least more ready for week ahead.

First of all, all these 15 things are quite a handful to do, but it is important to see what is most important to you. You should remember to relax as well, and try to spend an hour or two on each of the categories. For example, I review my budget every two weeks, meal plan while I commute to work on Saturday, and try to do laundry on Fridays if I have free time.


  • Review budget. Make sure you have paid all bills, put 10-15% side for savings and that you know the budget for the next week.
  • Go grocery shopping and do big shopping. This will help you throughout the week so much. Having to go twice a week for shopping means you don’t have to spend time in lines so much. Also, you will avoid all those cheeky buys when you ‘only go to the store to get milk a bread, but come out with 10 other things’. But make sure you go Sunday morning, as many people do food shop that day!
  • Meal prep or meal plan. I am not really a fan of meal prep, as I feel like the food is not tasty three days after making. Instead I boil eggs that last me for three days and are a great sandwich. However I am very into meal planning. When I do big shopping, I make sure to meal plan my dinners as warm meals, and sandwiches / oatmeal / salad for lunch and breakfast. Meal planning helps us not thing about what to make, instead we just look at the list we made and cook it.
  • Do laundry and get clothes ready for next week. It is already hard enough to decide what to wear, but having your favorite jeans or t-shirt in the laundry basket is the worst.
  • Tidy up the house. Honestly, having the house clean makes the biggest difference. It brings calmness into the home and you can actually sit on the couch, which is usually filled with random clothes and bags.


  • Treat your body to a scrub shower. This goes perfectly with doing laundry. Is there anything more pleasant than getting into clean bedsheets after having a nice shower?! Of course a bathtub and a scrub afterwards is actual heaven.
  • Face mask. At the end of the week, it is time to treat your face. Getting off all the tiredness and putting some tingy and good-smelling face mask and watch some SATC while it dries up. Ah, where is our mimosas already?
  • Read a book. Books are the perfect way to relax. Whether it is an educational read, fiction or Sci-Fi, it sure make your mind get to the imagination corner.
  • Spend at least half an hour on your hobby. No matter what you enjoy doing, please make time and do it. You love painting? Go wild. You love knitting? Knit some cool bikini tops for the summer. Love writing? Write about that hot barista you saw last Wednesday and will magically meet in the next party.
  • Set goal for next week. Setting a goal for the week will make it so much more interesting. I am sure you have had the feeling of days and weeks just flying by. And suddenly it’s March already. What. So – maybe you want to take 5000 steps a day. Drink 7 glasses of water a day. Make sure to keep a track in your diary / planner and treat yourself to something nice if you did it. It will make your week much colorful and challenging.

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  • Write one priority for each day. This will give structure each day and you will know what is really important that day.
  • Write one thing you are excited about next week. It is hard sometimes to be excited about a week if you don’t see any free spot to relax. However, think of something that might be fun. Maybe Thursday pizza night, or getting brunch with your friend Saturday?
  • Plan time for yourself every day. This is very important for self care. No matter how busy you are, please take some time for yourself. Whether it is exercise, meditation, yoga or some kind of mental or physical activity. This is a very important step for your wellbeing.
  • Write 2-3 things to do things every day. This will help manage the time and you will know what to expect each day. Why 2 or 3 things only? Because otherwise it will make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. I know, we all have those never-ending lists, but take it one day at a time.
  • Review calendar for the week and make sure you remind yourself of some important deadlines. I must say, sometimes I completely forget what I had planned weeks ago. I’m sure we all do. This is the time to search for some events or anything and be prepared for them.

if you got this far I want to thank you with this cute photo of a baby lamb !

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