10 Ways To Calm Down Your Mind When Stressed Or Anxious ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

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10 Ways To Calm Down Your Mind When Stressed Or Anxious ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

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Hello loves! You are probably reading this from a place of being stressed and anxious. It is hard to stay focused when your mind is racing from one problem to another. Today I want to share some ways to calm down your mind when you are feeling stressed or anxious. A while ago my instinct was to just ignore those thoughts and feelings and just keep going. However, I have learnt the hard way that – spoiler alert – it does not work. You need to face the stress and anxiety, see the cause of it, and fix it, not ignore it and hope it will go away.

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10 Ways to calm down your mind and get relief from stress or anxiety

1 Breathe slow and deep

Breathing is so crucial when you are feeling under the weather and need to ground yourself. Check out the GIF above to guide you through deep breathing. You can also see other GIFS from this blogpost about deep breathing exercises with GIFS to calm down. I have noticed that when I feel stressed, I will start breathing faster and more shallow. But when I am anxious, I feel like I absolutely stop breathing and catch myself feeling as if I am under water.

One of the easiest exercise for breathing is this:
1. Breathe in until count of 4.
2. Hold breathe until count of 4.
3. Breathe out until count of 4.
4. Do this at least 10 times and see the difference in your mind and feeling.

2 Guided meditation or visualization

Whether it is an app ( headspace or Calm) or a video online, reach out to these sources to get a guided meditation. Being able to focus on the intention will bring the tension away and will make your mind focus on something else. Please bear in mind, we are not running away from stress and anxiety in this exercise. It is more about making the mind a more calm place and observe all the feelings.

3 Journal about what makes you stressed or anxious

I am hooked on journaling, and it is one of the best ways to get a new perspective on thoughts and causes of stress and anxiety. Ever since I started journaling every evening, I could see myself being more calm and be ready to go to bed. However, you don’t have to journal every day to see results – you can take notes right now and see an improvement. Try writing down absolutely every thought and worry on your head, then read what you wrote and try to come up with solutions. Some thoughts will become silly and irrelevant. Check out down below an article I wrote about how journaling reduces anxiety and prompts to start with!

4 Go outside

Fresh air does wonders, and so does walking. If you are feeling the energy, maybe even go for a run in the park! It will definitely clear up your mind and get any negative energy out of you. This is how I started running, it was a stressful morning and I couldn’t bring myself to calm down. So I decided to go for a run – something I hadn’t done outside for years. It was hard because I was way out of shape to run, but I could feel how the anger and stress built up in me slowly dissolved. After the run I was exhausted and lifted at the same time.

5 Take a shower or warm bath

For all the people who have a bath – I am jealous. There is nothing better than a self care pamper session with a lovely bath, some candles and a good book or music in the background. For people like me who have a shower – treat yourself with a nice scrub and wash away all the negative vibes. Once out of shower, put on your favorite clothes and you will feel fresh and ready to kick butt.

6 Listen to an uplifting podcast or video

When I am feeling stressed, it feels like I can’t see the end of this worry spiral. What helps me is to remind myself of my goals that I want to achieve and my plan how to get there. Stress takes so much energy out of oneself, so appreciating that your mind takes notice of it is important. But we have to learn how to let go of unnecessary worries. Try to inspire yourself with motivational videos on Youtube or a podcast that talks about topic of your choice – successful business, nomad lifestyle or career paths. You can also listen to something that is not related to anything but just some fun topics like book reviews, self help or personal growth. These podcasts and videos will definitely put your mind on the right path.

7 Read about what is worrying you

When it comes to anxiety, it is hard to tell other people that the irrational thoughts feel so intense and are hard to control. Always having the feeling that something will crash and burn and fall is exhausting. One way how I have tried to tackle this is to face the facts. I am afraid of flying, so I have started reading more and more about the safety of flights and how safe they are. Yes, planes are safer than driving a car. Also, if there was so much danger, no pilots would ever want to do their job. And, the pressure between the air flows is so strong that the plane is almost like on water floating. Crazy facts that made me kick those irrational thoughts and rather enjoy the ride.

8 Do something monotonic

Sometimes a way to calm down your mind is to do something very simple. Painting your nails or knitting could be a few of the options. Monotonic actions can be very soothing, such as mother swinging a baby or being on the swings. It is peaceful and feels very relaxing. You can do that as well, maybe curl your hair or do some drawing or coloring. Whatever action that involves repeating itself over and over and over.

Another thing that helps me get my mind from being stressed or anxious is to read a book or a magazine. By concentrating on one thing you slowly get into the article or the book and this makes your mind slow down as well. After 20 minutes of reading I feel calm and also don’t want to put the book down because it’s so interesting.

9 Easy workout or yoga

I know that working out might seem weird when you are stressed, but turns out that moving allows our body to release endorphins, which are positive happiness hormones. Workout is also a great way to get all the negative energy out of your body. You can do a quick workout on the living room carpet or a quick yoga stretch (Check out this amazing Adriene video on yoga for stress and anxiety).

10 Dance or cry it out & get back to other things

It really depends in what mind space you are in on this one. On days when I am feeling stressed, I really feel like crying and I do. I just let out all my emotions. On days when I am feeling anxious and stiff sitting on a chair, I put on my favorite songs and dance it out in the living room. The problem with anxiety is that it is sometimes hard to pin point where it is coming from. So in times like that I just let go and let music take me away. It is so relaxing and soothing, and after that at times I even forget why I was anxious in the first place.

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