10 Motivational Quotes For Life And Success | Free Phone Wallpaper 🌿

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10 Motivational Quotes For Life And Success | Free Phone Wallpaper 🌿

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Hello my sweet cherries! I hope that you have had an amazing summer start. Is the sunshine and good weather making you more motivational to be more productive and get out of the office?Let’s just ignore that June is almost gone, and focus on the adventures and fun plans that we have for the summer. The photo below is me opening swimming season. And no, the water was not warm. I jumped once and noped so fast ouf the water and into a towel. Also the strong wind didn’t help either. But nonetheless it was an amazing feeling to get out of the house and do something spontaneous!

what you aim at determines the way that the world manifests itself to you

10 Motivational Quotes For Life And Success

I have gathered 10 quotes that feel very inspirational and motivational, and hope that you will enjoy them too. Use them as a background for phone and remind yourself once in a while and be inspired. Especially in summer where it is so hard to be motivated and keep going. The best way is to do little things with quality, spend time efficiently and enjoy summer golden hour with a free evening and a wine glass.

After last exam at university was done, I felt so irritated at all times, and always had the need to be very busy. And now it’s been two weeks since my holiday, and only now I allow myself to relax and do nothing. Only the things that I actually enjoy, and no to do lists. I have absolutely burned out. So in order to become motivated, I decided to let myself loose. Beers, go shopping, write a lot, listen to inspiring music and daydream a lot.

Mindset is everything. I have been working hard on being more effective of using my free time, as well as being more relaxed for exams. I have grown so much with each one, and the last one was not that bad. I reminded myself that I know what I know, and if I don’t know then the best thing is that I can guess. And if now I feel more confident, less stressed, and can answer questions without the extra anxious thoughts.

I feel like the one above is something we should read daily. Honestly it’s in our blood to compare ourselves with others, but we should only compare ourselves to ourselves yesterday, last month, last year, and see the growth in us. I have realized more and more that social media is quite toxic and affects me negatively most time.

I have been wanting to quit so many things. And some I really did quit, as it was in the gut feeling to do so. But for the things I see potential in, I try to make myself give time to grow, develop and be patient. It has been so so hard to keep myself at a steady pace and nurture my side hustles. No exponential growth yet in the near future.

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